About US

💢SAJ is a fun-filled e-store with the purpose of bringing a variety range of quality products with high performance services to our customers.

Currently, our e-store carries household items featuring our printed cooling & soothing BLANKETS & PILLOW CASE; soft-touch instant dry absorbent anti-slipped FLOOR MATS using Nano technology production; a lovely & colorful selected collection of our beautiful PORCELAIN TABLEWARE that will bring great joy to your kitchen! It not only serves you with delicious foods but, can be presented as an elegant, thoughtful gift to your family, friends and loved ones otherwise, simply as a classic display piece at home!
BRISNOW from Korea, is an eco-friendly, natural skincare and makeup range that use only natural preservatives without any chemicals that ultimately, cares for people, our beautiful earth and the environment!
Driven by simplicity, we brought to our customers MESKIN from Korea, focusing on skincare products.
CQMONG & MEDB products emphasize high-quality, natural & effective ingredients in maintaining a youthful & healthy look.
ADORABLE, a vegan, eco-friendly water-based nail polish which is the first Korean nail polish certified by the British Vegan Society. It provides a mind of safety not only to humans but, also animals and the environment.

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We provide complimentary gift wrapping service for any occasions to our customers.💢